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Welcome to Wikuta Car!

Thanks for visiting car.wikuta.com, Wikuta is a dedicated portal for auto enthusiasts and is designed keeping the needs and interests of the readers in mind. The mission of our website is to make it easy for you to select the right car or motorcycle for you.

Wikuta’s advanced Research Tools and extensive Information will help you to find your dream drives. With well-researched facts and figures about the glamorous world of automobiles, this online space gives you complete freedom to check out and understand all types of the breed of cars and motorcycles, whether hatchbacks, sedans, MPVs, SUVs, crossovers, pickups, scooters, or sports motorcycle etc. Oto has expert reviews and road test which show the reality of the autos in the most critical way.

Know Us- A Little History of Car.Wikuta.Com

Car.Wikuta.Com was launched in October 2022 with an aim of providing the most relevant information about all the available automobiles at one place and looking into the present, the portal has succeeded so far in its mission.

With some industry experts onboard, a team was setup to accomplish this motive and with passing days, the team only grew up to make it bigger than big and to achieve the goal we all jointly dreamt of. Wikuta is the fastest growing auto portal in Indonesia which aims to create an entire ecosystem around Autos.

We have also launched our Android and iOS app for Indonesia under one common app for all 27 countries “Wikuta“ App. It will take you to whole new level of how you research for cars or motorcycles on mobile.

What All We Offer

The portal is laced with various tools to offer the readers every single detail about these mean machines. Wikuta also works as a single bridge between multiple dealers and end customer to provide the best information at one place making buying process easier. The step-by-step guides, detailed comparisons and expert advice make it easy for the customers to make up their mind about a car.

For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled sections like – News, where all the latest happenings in and around the auto world are listed and we have not restricted them to Indonesia only. The Reviews section helps the readers to judge a car before buying it. We have our experts evaluating the cars in the most critical manner keeping the essentials in mind. Also, there is a Road Test section where we have penned down the actual car performance so that our customers get what they are looking for. Click on the New Cars tab and simplify your automobile shopping by searching with ‘Brands’ or ‘Budget’. With this, a Used Cars tab is also there for the customers who want to adopt a pre-owned car. Feature and Advisory stories consists of articles which provide guidance and handy information about the cars. The Compare Cars section would surely interest if you are confused in making a selection even after going through the detailed specs. You can choose the cars which you want to compare. With one click you can compare two or more cars against 100+ parameters. The entire list of local Dealers for all the auto brands available in Indonesia is also on our portal. Customers can check out all the latest Car Promos to fetch some awesome irresistible deals on their favorite drive. The Car Videos section has latest videos to know more about the cars. With all this information and facilities, we also offer Car Loan calculator to the customers who are looking to buy a car on easy credit scheme. Our Roadside Assistance service saves you in odd hours while your drive gets stuck in between, just login on our website and find the road side assistance 24X7 numbers for all brands. One Stop Solution for all your Auto Needs !

Automobile is a big market which is growing tremendously and with this market all we see is our growth. We all are craving for better technology, better features & more solutions and Wikuta has made a promise that we will make both the ends meet in making it easy for our readers to get the best about cars.